Elevating Your Brand, Message, and Mission.

Why Choose Up in the Air Films?

Up in the Air Films is an award-winning, full-service Houston video production company that creates TV and video campaigns that produce results. Their focus is on story-telling and their goal is to enable you to tell your story to the world in a highly compelling and effective way. They provide versatile solutions to meet all your digital content creation needs within your budget. Whether TV commercial or web video production, Up in the Air Films is a one-stop shop, providing full-service solutions including development, production and distribution.

Our Process

1. Pre-Production

This is where it all begins!

We start with a discovery meeting to gain an understanding of what you need. After research, we make a storyboard to guide the production.

2. Production

This is where we have a little fun!

We have the road map, now let’s film it. Our filmmakers will make it awesome. Each project and client is different and we love that.

3. Post-Production

This is where the magic happens!

After filming, we save and sort the footage. Then we make the storyboard come alive!

4. Delivery

Now it's time to grab the popcorn!

We send you the video for feedback. Then we fix it, polish it, and give you a download link.

The Initial Client Experience

  • Inquire

    If you are interested in working with us, please fill out our contact form and tell us a bit about your video project, your goals, and your budget.

  • Schedule a consultation

    Once you have filled out the contact form we will send you a link to schedule your free phone consultation. All you have to do is pick a time that works best with your schedule and we will give you a call!

  • Receive Production Quote

    Based on the information from our consultation, we will send you the production pricing for your project.

  • Fill Out Creative Service Agreement

    Once the quote has been accepted you will be prompted to fill out our Creative Service Agreement.

  • Pay Retainer

    A retainer of 1/2 of the initial project amount will be due prior to scheduling.

  • Schedule Your Production

    Once the retainer has been submitted you will receive our production scheduling link to get your production underway!

A message from our Clients

Video Production is Our Passion

At Up in the Air Films, we are passionate about creating stunning and impactful videos that help our clients achieve their goals and reach their audiences. As one of the leading video production companies in Houston, TX, we offer a full range of video production services, from concept development and scriptwriting, to filming and post-production. Whether you need a commercial for TV or online platforms, a music video, a corporate video, or any other type of branded content, we have the skills, experience and equipment to deliver high-quality videos that meet your expectations and budget.

We have been producing videos since 2012, and we always strive to capture the best visuals and sound possible. We know how important it is to have professional and engaging videos that can boost your brand awareness, generate leads, and increase sales. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your vision, message and target audience, and craft videos that tell your story in a compelling and memorable way.

We love what we do, and we want you to love it too. That’s why we are committed to excellence, creativity and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a video production company in Houston, TX that can take your project to the next level, look no further than Up in the Air Films. We are ready to make your video dreams come true.

Behind the Scenes

Why Choose a Professional Video Production Agency?

You might think that anyone with a smartphone can make a great video. But the truth is, there’s a lot more involved in producing a quality video than just filming. That’s why you need a professional video production agency. We have the expertise and the equipment to create amazing videos that connect with your audience and achieve your objectives. We know how to make your video unique and captivating. So, don’t settle for less, think about the difference a professionally produced video could make for your brand.